Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano

The International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema will be held in La Habana, Cuba, from December 2nd to 12th, 2008.

The Festival promotes and awards those works whose significance and artistic values contribute to enrich and reaffirm the Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity.

The Festival sets up an annual competition in Fiction, Documentary and Animation, Opera Prima, Unproduced Script and Poster. Meetings and Seminars on issues of cultural (and especially cinema) interest, are also held. Besides that, the programme includes a showcase of contemporary world cinema.

The following sections make up the Festival’s programme:


The annual competition for the CORAL awards showcases a selection of the most recent production of Latin America and the Caribbean. The competition includes Feature, Documentary and Animation films, as well as Unproduced Script and Poster. The debut fiction features of Latin American and Caribbean filmmakers compete separately for the Opera Prima CORAL Awards.


Latin American Panorama
A selection of Latin American full-length fiction films which expands and complement the Official Section lineup.

Documentary Informative Section
An ambitious panorama of Latin American life, as seen through the exceptional perspective offered by documentary.

Made In Cuba
Cuban and foreign filmmakers take a look at life in the country that hosts the Festival: a mosaic of visions building testimony and encouraging debate on Cuban reality.


Programmes focused in national cinemas, trends in contemporary moviemaking and the output of film schools and institutions. Contemporary World Panorama
A showcase of the most outstanding and representative titles in current world cinema.

Documentary Panorama
Opens a space to the ascending prestige, diversity and presence achieved by documentary filmmaking in the last years.


Comprises the seminar The Audiovisual Universe of the Latin American Child, as well as two international showcases: For all Ages, devoted to the cinema for children and adolescents, and whose Garabato Prize is awarded by a children jury; and The Thousand Faces of the Forgotten, with films addressing childhood realities in the contemporary world.


Devoted to outstanding personalities of art and culture.

Dedicated to prominent figures and movements in film history.

Special Presentations
Screenings of films that bear a particular relevance in the context of the Festival.


Theoretical forums open to discussing a range of issues related to current culture and cinema.

Other Activities

Including the launching of books and magazines, exhibitions and concerts.

More information: Havana Film Festival

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