Cuba: Reforms stopped?” width=”277″ height=”235″ /></a><p class=An October photo of a frail Fidel Castro with Ministrel Kirill (Russian Orthodox Church). Image:

Fernando Ravsberg of the BBC writes from Havana about the debate going on in the streets of the capital. Many are asking themselves if there is a paralysis in the reforms started by Raúl Castro and whom is influencing the constrainment of the process begun in February.

Some within and outside the country opine that it is Fidel Castro himself, whose health has improved, is retaking the reins of the country, logically returning to the policies he applied during his half-century ruling Cuba.

Others affirm it is the most orthodox sector of the Communist Party (PCC) who are impeding the changes initiated by Raúl Castro and unstoppable if they acquire majority support of the militant base in the Communist Party Congress.

Communist militants have told the BBC preparations have not been initiated for the Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) scheduled for 2009, where the definitive path of the country will be decided.

Government officials have assured it had to due with the US elections and the Cuban Government was waiting for the results to begin moving its own pieces on the board.  Soon a difference will be noticed.


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