Growing concern over social instability

A chorus of those sympathetic to the Cuban regime and/or part of the nomenklatura are voicing their opinion about the need to reform Cuba’s system or else social instability caused by a lack of change to the status quo will lead to political destabilization through violence.

A member of said chorus is Ignacio Ramonet (penned an autobiography of Fidel Castro and was editor-in-chief of Le Monde Diplomatique) who wrote a revealing article  last week giving a purview of the current situation in Cuba.

Ramonet states: “Raul Castro and his team have dedicated themselves to three pressing problems: food, public transportation, and housing.  Three domains where shortages, poverty, and dysfunctions favor permanent unrest of the population.

He cites Aurelio Alonso, sub-director of Casa de las Américas magazine, who did not hesitate to scold a Cuban “economy that is too statist“. Calling “an economy that leaves room for other forms of property” and denouncing “an extremely statist system too bureaucratic with limited popular participation in decision-making of all kinds” and even put in question “the role of the Party should be changed because the Party cannot lead the state, the people are who should lead the state“.

Ramonet also quotes Pablo Milanes, one of the most emblematic singers of the Cuban revolution, who has been even more radical in its criticism: “I do not trust in any Cuban leader who is over 75 years because everyone in my view, has had their moments of glory pass, which were many, but they are ready to be retired. We need to pass the baton to a younger generation to make a new  socialism, because the present one is already stalled. It gave all that it could (…) We need to make reforms in many fronts of the Revolution, because our leaders are no longer capable. His revolutionary ideas of yesteryear have become reactionary.”

For the regime, Ramonet further adds, “at this time of serious difficulties due to recent hurricanes and the international financial crisis, its central concern is to maintain unity in society.”

[H/T: La Nueva Cuba]


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