Havana Jazz Plaza Feb.12-15

HAVANA TIMES, February 11- The 25th edition Havana Jazz Plaza Festival takes place from February 12-15. The event has nine venues in the capital and two side-venues at the Varadero Beach Resort. Havana Times will be bringing our readers on the scene coverage of the Festival with lots of photos.

Pianist Chucho Valdes and his guests headline the opening gala at the Mella Theater on Thursday night. Most of the bands will play several times during the festival, rotating to different venues.

The other Cuban groups and featured soloists scheduled to play at the festival are: Jorge Reyes y su Quinteto with Daniel Martina (Argentina), Canela, Rolando Luna, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Roberto Fonseca y Temperamento, Habana Sax, Aldo López Gavilan, Maraca, Sexto Sentido, Joaquin Betancourt y Jazz Band Jojazz, Bobby Carcasses, Bellita y su Jazz Tumbata, Dairamir y su Grupo, Cubajazz, Oddara, Michel Herrera, Gala Mayor, Rember Duarte, Omara Portuondo (Special Valentine’s Day performance), Havana d´Primera, Klimax, Alexis Bosch y Pasaje Abierto, Chispa y sus Complices, Mezcla, Ernesto Camilo Vega, Yasek Manzano, Yaimel Mc Carthy, Aires de Concierto, Mestizaje, Pupy y los que Son Son, Charanga Habanera, Elio Reve y su Charangón, Jose Luis Cortes y NG la Banda, Top Secret and the Van Van.
The foreign jazz performers present for Jazz Plaza are: Artur Dutkiewicz Trio (Poland), Edgar Knecht (Germany) Jacques Bouniard (France), Grand Reportage Ensemble (Switzerland), Nacho Nieto (Colombia), Pano para Manga (Brazil), The Unit (Bermudas), Grupo Glazz (Spain), Sumiko Fukatsu y Los Hermanos (Japan), Janelle Monique (Canada), George Haslam (United Kingdom), Motete (Chile), Jump4Joy (Sweden), Dick de Graaf Quartet (Holland), Dos Aguas (Colombia), Sergio Monrroy en Cuarteto (Spain), Dos Aguas (Colombia), Jazz Tunkul de Alberto Palomo (Mexico), Jenny Spartacus (Martinique), Ulif Knatz (Germany), Kash Killion (USA), Israel Morales (Austria), Alejandro Serravalle (Argentina).

For the latest version of the Jazz Plaza program click on: http://www.festivaljazzplaza.icm.cu/programacion.html


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