Are there fashion shows in Cuba?

Havanatimes: Fashion in Cuba is in an early stage of expansion, with a number of talented artists and designers who show their creations in fashion shows all over the island. Two of the more important shows are “La Maison Fashion” in Havana and “Exuberarte” in Santa Clara.

Modeling, which began in Cuba in the early 1990s at La Maison, has been steadily rising to a professional level, with some of Cuba’s supermodels working in major fashion shows, doing fashion shoots, and posing for advertisements.

Cuba also has an Art and Fashion Project coming under the National Council of Plastic Arts, with various provincial manifestations.

La Maison Fashion Shows

La Maison, widely known as Su Casa de la moda en Cuba (Her Fashion House in Cuba), was founded on April 15, 1982 with the aim of bringing together the most prominent apparel designers on the Island and thus promoting fashion with a Cuban stamp.

Originally built as an elegant colonial mansion in 1946 in the neighborhood of Miramar, this house has been turned into a mini-complex with several stores spread around the rambling home featuring a range of men’s and women’s fashion, jewellery, and accessories. There is also a piano bar and a restaurant.

Over the years, La Maison has become for Cubans one of the top places in the country for fashion and the home of Cuban haute couture. There’s a nightly runway fashion show (CUC 10 entry charge) of various collections while a chef de cuisine offers Cuban and international dishes. There is also a fashion show on weekends combined with a modest cabaret show. For details, contact the following:

La Maison

Calle 16 no. 701

Esquina a 7

Miramar, Playa

Ciudad de La Habana

Telephone (53-7) 204-1543 or 204-1585

For additional information and images, google “La Maison Havana Fashion”.

Fashion Festival “EXUBERARTE”

Exuberarte, coming under the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (FCBC or Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets), is an annual Fashion Festival held in Santa Clara, located in Villa Clara Province, with the support of the Culture Sector and the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts. The fourth edition takes place this year between April 17-19, 2009 and it is anticipated that some fifteen designers will be participating from several provinces around the country.

In addition to fashion walkways, Exuberarte also has a series of collateral activities (art exhibitions, lectures, conferences and a trade fair) to facilitate exchanges between artists and designers, art students and the general public. A Craft Fair takes place around Parque Vidal in the city centre, where fashion collections and other products are on sale. Entrance is free to the public.

The main objectives of Exuberarte is to reaffirm the city of Santa Clara as a site for artisan fashion, to recuperate the craft of fashion design, to recognize the professionalism and achievements of the major textile initiatives in the province, to facilitate exchanges between artists and art students, and to promote and market their creations that are on display. – Modell agency in Cuba

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  1. They sound like some fantastic fasion shows. I didn’t know Cuba had such a range.

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