Cuba: The Wealth of Tourism

DTCuba: Cuba, a tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean region, offers a wide range of options to thousands of foreign vacationers who visit the island nation every year
Nature, health, culture, history and traditions are complemented by sun and beach options that are highly demanded by both foreign visitors and nationals.

Cuba combines recreation with cures to improve the quality of life, offering such treatments as thalassotherapy, which benefits from the fact that the country is surrounded by sea.

In addition, Cuba has a broad medical infrastructure consisting of international clinics, drugstores, optician’s shops and specialized institutions to improve the quality of life.

More than 280 hospitals, about 400 polyclinics, 116 dental clinics and some 1,500 medical establishments make up a broad network to meet the most complex needs in the field of human health.

In addition, historic and cultural elements are available to tourists in major Cuban cities, including Havana, the main tourist destination in the country, whose historic heart is full of attractions.

Old Havana holds most of the city’s museums, churches, cultural centers and buildings from the Spanish colonial period, including 33,000 buildings, most of which were built from the 18th to the 19th centuries.

In addition to traditional tourist options, programs that combine nature tourism and adventure have been promoted over the past few years in Cuba.

Tours to the country’s mountain ecosystems are also highly demanded by foreign tourists who bet on Cuba to spend their vacations.

The potential of ecotourism lies in the Cuba’s relief, which consists of four main mountain ranges that cover about 21 percent of the island’s territory and hold 37 percent of the country’s forests.

In eastern Cuba is the Gran Piedra (Large Rock) – the largest rock on earth according to the Guinness Book of Records. The majestic and imposing rock weighs 63,000 tons and is 1,220 meters above sea level.

The area was named after one of the most important geological values in Santiago de Cuba province: a huge volcanic rock that is 51 meters long, 25 meters high and 30 meters wide.

Moreover, protected areas, biosphere reserves, swamps and Cuba’s endemic flora and fauna can be watched along specialized trails created for those interested in enjoying the island’s nature. – travel agency to Cuba

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  1. Cuba is the greatest Island in Caribbean region which is popular for visitors.

  2. Cuba is the natural tourism places and nice island which always attract to travelers.

  3. Lazy joe says:

    I am going to have to sign up to receive your feed. This is good stuff

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