Qatari Diar announces second hotel project for Cuba – Prado y Malecon

Havana Journal:

In addition to the recent announcement of the Gran Paraiso hotel to be built on Cayo Largo del Sur by the Qatari Diar Investment Company, a second Joint Venture agreement between Qatari Diar and Habaguanex, a Cuban hotel company based in Old Havana was also announced.

The hotel, tentatively named Prado y Malecón, will be built on an empty plot of land on the Malecon in Havana. Habaguanex has been very successful restoring Habana Vieja and operating historic hotels in Old Havana.

In keeping with Qatari Diar’s tradition of creating sustainable, community enhancing projects, the Prado y Malecon project will generate hundreds of jobs during the construction phase while enhancing Cuba’s tourism infrastructure and desirability as an international tourist destination.

The new hotel will cater to the needs of the Cuban business and tourism sectors and will serve as an attractive venue for the growing number of people expected to travel to the country in the near future.

About Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company

Wholly owned by the Qatar Investment Authority, Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company was established in December 2004 to support Qatar’s growing economy and to co-ordinate the country’s real estate development priorities. Qatari Diar creates distinguished property developments with local culture and lifestyle experience to attract tourism and residents generating sustainable and tangible socio-economic benefits.

About Habaguanex

Habaguanex S.A. Tourist Company is based in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana). The company was established in 1994 to restore and rescue the historical center of Old Havana and to improve its hotel infrastructure and services. Habaguanex S.A. is attached to the Office of the City Historian, and presents historical-cultural projects that focus primarily in the old part of Havana. It is backed by museums, art galleries, performing arts centers and specialty stores that are reviving old traditions. Habaguanex S.A. runs a score of hotels and inns, more than 30 restaurants, 60 cafeterias and bars, and over 80 shops and markets. Habaguanex’s offers meet the demands from a segment of vacationers interested in urban tourism and Old Havana’s attractions. – Online hotel reservation in Cuba


About Particular Cuba
Particular Cuba organizes travel to Cuba. Hotel booking, car rental, package tours, excursions, flights to Cuba.

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