Cuba’s health system prioritizes senior citizens

DTCuba:Cuba’s health system prioritizes senior citizens, who benefit from excellent treatments provided by highly-qualified medical and paramedical staffs at geriatric centers.The Center for Research on Senior Citizens (CITED) is in charge of designing policies aimed at that sector of Cuba’s population.

Nearly 17 percent of Cubans are over 60 years of age, accounting for 1.8 million people.

By 2025, one-fourth of the island’s population will be over that age, so Cuba will be among the world’s top ten countries with the highest aging rate.

In that regard, the CITED is improving medical services and developing geriatric surgery, among other actions. – Luxury vacation rental in Havana


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2 Responses to Cuba’s health system prioritizes senior citizens

  1. Tom Goode says:

    Cuba compared to the United States with regards to development indicators:

  2. I believe America should take a few lessons from Cuba on how to treat senior citizens. Seniors worked so hard their entire lives to build this country and it is necessary that we give them sufficient health care and housing.

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