Santiago de Cuba rum, Ron Santiago, to be sold in Spain


A Cuban rum, Ron Santiago, well-known in its own country for its unique flavor and quality, starts in June a quest to conquer the Spanish market.

Fulfilling the agreement between the Cuba Ron SA Corporation and Valencia the Ikxur Company SL, the first shipment for promotional purposes will be flown to Spain, followed by two containers by ship at the end of that month from eastern Santiago de Cuba.

Eliseo Pausa i Marti, president of the Spanish company, said that the value of the first shipment is 464,000 dollars, and he expects to send another shipment to China, where they will introduce the rums to tourism entrepreneurs and beverage traders.

The exports to Spain and China will include the whole range of Santiago: Silver Dry, Reserve and Special Aged (11 years), as well as the extra-aged 20 and 25 years respectively.

According to statements made by Osvaldo Martinez, Ikxur’s advisor, who along with Pausa, made up an experienced two-man team in the commercialization of Cuban rums (Legendario, Arecha and now this Santiago de Cuba) the goal is to promote Cuba’s exports.

Martinez added that they are planning to send these products as well to other regions like the Middle East, and all the Americas. For the advertisement campaign they have hired the Alberola S.L. Group, mainly devoted to the food industry.

Ikxur’s marketing strategy aims to pass on distributors and potential clients the image, tradition, culture and quality of the Santiago de Cuba rum. – Hotel and flight booking in Cuba


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