Low HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Cuba

Guerillero.cu: HIV/AIDS prevalence index in Cuba is among the lowest in the world and the lowest in the Caribbean, Jorge Perez Avila, deputy director of the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK) has reported.

The specialist explained that in spite of all the national prevention strategies, the epidemic grows, although slowly, particularly in gay men.

Perez Avila told Prensa Latina that the disease is also increasing in persons over 34 years of age and the over 50s group, which is problematic because in those cases response to treatment is not good.

He explained that the advanced ages are not a good sign since reconstitution of immunological response is frequently slower and inefficient.

The IPK specialist added that if treatment with antiretroviral treatment comes late, and since the majority of these cases have chronic base illnesses already, progression of the disease increases.

On the other hand, since 2001 Cuba has produced generic antiretroviral medicines that have guaranteed free therapy for all patients, which currently are 1,200 cases.

With the overall access to these drugs the numbers of deaths reduced considerably, he added.

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