Lobster fishing season starts in Cuba

Guerrillero.cu: The industrial fishing enterprise of La Coloma in Pinar del Río, a National Vanguard entity, is to host the main event for the start of the lobster fishing season on Monday, showing favourable results in the production and the hurricanes recovery.

With all the lines of the industry and the fleet ready, the almost 2 200 workers of the 11 entrepreneurial units have decided to “fish” efficiency from the bottom of the sea to the final package in order to face the crisis that also hits the crustacean in the world market.

Laura Izquierdo García, technical director of the enterprise reported that so far this year the strategy aims at using more fish during the lobster closed season, specially the eviscerated pargo for tourists, which together with other items like tuna allow to have the accumulated production plan at 117 percent.

In tune with the need to produce food for the population and with the current regulations, a line of lobster parts will come on to the market as a fresh and frozen product, in two kilogram bags and for Cuban pesos. Other actions put in practice replace imports and benefit the workers and neighbors of La Coloma community.

In addition, a new building unit was created in charge of repairing and execute works related to the enterprise and the houses of the zone as well, in regard to the latter, 90 houses damaged by hurricanes have been finished.

Five out of the seven stocking centres distributed all over the region, were totally destroyed and already recovered, and in regard to the 43 000 fishing equipment almost destroyed, 50 percent of them has been restored, while their goal is to go fishing and continue making cages.

La Coloma industrial fishing enterprise has been immersed into a system for improving efficiency since 2001 and today they are certifying finances and getting ready for an inspection next month to certify the ISO 9001 regulation.

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