Chucho Valdés is on tour by Canada, Europe, and Australia


Cuban pianist and composer Jesús (Chucho) Valdes begins today a tour by several Canadian cities along with his Cuarteto and the singer Mayra Caridad Valdés, with five performances at renowned international festivals.

It will be a tense journey from Toronto to Victoria, with only time to breathe. Five days, from July 1st-5th with constant traveling and 24-hours stays in famous places of the Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Then, he will travel to Netherlands to attend on July 12th at North Sea Jazz and the 14th, with his new band, at the prestigious Montreaux Jazz in Switzerland, where he will offer a master class, in addition to presiding over the jury of the International Piano Competition, one of the most demanding of its kind.

Then, he will go to Ireland to debut as a soloist and later with his new group in the cities of Cork and Dublin, immortalized by James Joyce, as part of collaborative project Ireland-Cuba, Una Corda.

Valdes’ performances during the months of July, August and September also includes countries like Ireland, Portugal, Japan, Italy, Australia, and Spain.

The five-time Grammy winner will launch in Spain his recent CD “El ultimo tango,” a disc he recorded with singer Concha Buika. – Concerts in Cuba

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