Fidel Castro last seen alive – June 11 2009

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Fidel has not been out in public since July 2006 (with the exception one report of people seeing him going for a walk in May).

Since Fidel does not have to answer to anyone and since there is no independent media in Cuba, his death can most likely be covered up for an indefinite period. So, I decided to start this post and keep it updated with the last date that someone outside of the Cuban government states that they met with Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro supposedly writes his Reflections but there is really no way to know if he is really writing all of these Reflections. I do believe he is writing most, or maybe all of them, but there is little reason to believe going forward that he will actually be the author of all future Reflections. He most likely has dozens already written so even if there is a rumor of Fidel Castro’s death, a Reflection may be released but there would be no independent verification that he wrote it after a rumor of his death.

So, with these facts in mind, I figure the best way to prove that Fidel Castro is alive is to take foreign leaders at their word that when they say they met with Fidel that they actually did meet with him. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist so I don’t expect foreign leaders to lie for the Cuban government and certainly not to take part of any photo retouching since that would involve numerous others who would not conspire to hide Fidel Castro’s death.

Evo Morales said he met with Fidel Castro on June 11 2009 so I take him at his word.

Last date of proof that Fidel Castro is alive: June 11 2009. – Travel to Cuba


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