Cuban MPs Insist on the Need of Saving Energy


Cuban parliamentarians discussed on Tuesday the need of saving electricity, during a meeting of the Commission for Energy and the Environment, held as part of the 3rd ordinary period of sessions of the island’s Parliament.

Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia stressed the importance of preventing an excess of electric power consumption in the various territories.

She highlighted that local governments and State Central Administration Entities must demand the implementation and fulfilment of the energy saving programs, by way of mechanisms that will continue to be improved, she said.

During the session held at the Havana’s Convention Center, Garcia pointed out that several workplaces that are not implementing the saving mechanisms have been ddetected.

She announced that, starting August 1st, the rigor of the measures implemented some two months ago will increase, some of which could lead to the temporary closing of production facilities.

The Basic Industry Minister stressed the importance of self-control at enterprises with respect to energy consumption, which she suggested should be carried out several times a day in order to determine in what moment of the production process more electricity was spent.

Garcia added that 50 percent of the fuel Cuba consumes is used to produce electric power, hence the importance of a rational use of energy, both in governmental and private sectors.

She explained that there was an excessive use of electricity in July, which also happened in April and May, when over 40,000 extra tons of fuel were used. This led to the readjustment of plans and the implementation of new saving measures, like the turning off of air-conditioning equipments at certain hours of the day in offices.

During the session the deputies also analyzed the situation of the National Electricity and Energy System and the use of renewable energy sources, among other topics. – Online travel agency in cuba


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