Cuba helps fight dengue in Sri Lanka


Colombo, Aug 16 : Cuban epidemiologists have arrived in Colombo to help Sri Lanka fight a dengue fever outbreak, using a bio-insecticide programme developed in Cuba.

Cuban experts will present the Sri Lanka health ministry a detailed report on the use of Bacillus Thuringensis Israelensis (BTI), a bacterium that kills the larvae of the mosquito transmitting the dengue disease.

Sri Lanka public health director Palitha Maheepala said the government will implement the Cuban bio-insecticide programme after studying the report.

Two Cuban experts have toured the country to gather information on the dengue outbreak.

A total of 232 people have died due to dengue in Sri Lanka this year. – Cuba Bachelor party in Havana


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One Response to Cuba helps fight dengue in Sri Lanka

  1. Iresha says:

    While I admit that 232 is still quite high, I think more people die from road accidents.

    Visit Sri Lanka

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