Chinese Companies Invest In Cuba Hotel Projects


A Chinese hotel investment project is underway in western Havana, the capital of Cuba. The luxury hotel, named the Hemingway Hotel, will have 600 en-suite rooms and “will be built this year in a Cuban-Chinese initiative involving the state-run Suntine International-Economic Trading Company of China and the Cuban Tourist group Cubanacan,” according to

Suntine will own a 49 per cent stake and Cubanacan will own 51 per cent of the venture. Citic Construction, the principal building company for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the Cuban Ministry of Construction are also involved in the project. Reuters adds that “Qatar and Cuba signed an agreement in May to build a USD75m luxury hotel on Cuba’s Cayo Largo.”

The targeted market is reported as future U.S. tourists, given that the U.S. government seems likely to loosen its restriction on travel to the Caribbean island located just 90 miles offshore from Miami, and Cuban-Americans, who now have no restrictions to travel to Cuba. – Cuba investment and real estate


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