Send army of tourists to Cuba

Last week a congressional hearing room was filled with angry anti-Castro rhetoric as the opponents of lifting the U.S. embargo on doing business with and traveling to Cuba expressed their views. The opponents have it wrong, even as the inflexible and out-of-touch Cuban government hands them ammunition for their cause.

Cuban President Raul Castro is holding a military and propaganda exercise this week to prepare for an American military invasion of the island.

This quaintly intransigent stance, coupled with not-so-quaint police beatings of dissidents, gives ammunition to anti-Castro diehards in the United States who want a continued hands-off policy instead of the Obama promise of engagement.

If anything, the Obama administration’s position suffers from an excess of caution. President Obama, in answer to questions recently put to him over the Internet by Cuban dissident blogger Yaoni Sanchez, said he wants more contacts with the Cuban people and government but demands “actions by the Cuban government” to improve human rights as a first step.

The Cuban government’s answer? Sanchez and her husband were both severely beaten this month by secret police. She needed a crutch to get around, according to the husband’s account.

President Obama has effectively put control of the evolving relationship with Cuba in President Castro’s hands. That is a grave error.

The 50-year U.S. freeze on Cuba is just as outdated as Cuban fears of a new Bay of Pigs invasion. Cuba trades freely with Europe and Asia, and with U.S. farmers. But the Cuban government skims off the profits, leaving ordinary Cubans longing for better times. They are, by all accounts, utterly disaffected from their government and want a voice of their own. Large-scale American tourism would raise both their incomes and their desire for freedom.

Dropping U.S. restrictions on Cuban trade and travel would be a challenge to Raul Castro, not a boon.

He rightly fears an American invasion, not by arms, but by an army of tourists. It could mean his downfall. – Luxury villa for rent in Havana, Cuba


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