Monsignor Mamberti Extols Cuban Special Education

Havana, Jun 18 (Prensa Latina) Secretary for the Holy See’s Relations with States Archbishop Dominique François Joseph Mamberti expressed on Friday his admiration for the work in the special education schools in Cuba.

Mamberti visited the school “Solidarity with Panama”, founded by the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro in December 31, 1989, in which 1,276 children with physical-motor disabilities have been assisted so far.

During his visit, Mamberti toured the school and saw the infants in their daily activities in classrooms, workshops, gyms and computer, observed the conditions in dormitories, dinning hall, and other areas and talked to some of them.

School principal Esther de la O Ochoa, born in the Sierra Maestra and with 42 years working in special education explained Monsignor Mamberti that the center is assisting 109 children now, most of them Cubans and some other from Latin American countries.

Mamberti was also reported about the others 496 school of this kind that are running in Cuba with a roll of more than 60 000 children, and the program of itinerant teachers who visit the needy in the hospitals and nursing care, all of which is performed free as the rest of the education offered to the people.

The children gave him some crafts of their own production, made as part of the concept applied in physical rehabilitation to join the society.

Children graduated of the school had graduate later as lawyers, teachers and computer technicians, among other careers.

By signing the guestbook, Mamberti said that he had experienced a great deal of admiration for teachers and children teaching and studying there.

This is a very important task and I am sure that children will get the best of the education provided by this school, said Mamberti.

Mamberti is in Cuba on an official and pastoral visit from Tuesday to Sunday. – Luxury vacation rental in Havana, Cuba


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