Cuban to release new drug against cancer

HAVANA, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) — Cuba is about to release to the international market a new homeopathic drug by using the scorpion venom, an official from the local Labiofam Labs said on Tuesday.

Isabel Gonzalez, research and development director of the scientific institution, said the new drug “Vidatox,” processed from the blue scorpion venom, has been tested successfully in over 10,000 patients, whose quality of life was improved and their tumors stopped growing.

“Almost 1 million doses of the product will be available to the patients before the end of the year,” she said.

The Vidatox was developed after the scientific work of the Cuban biologist Misael Bordier, who experimented with the venom of the small blue scorpion, which only lives in the Cuban province of Guantanamo.

Bordier has studied for 21 years the clinical effects of the scorpion venom as a therapy to fight tumors.

Seventy percent of the 50,000 patients treated by Bordier in those years had no recurrence of tumors, according to his own words.

Cuba has developed other natural drugs which have proven to be effective to fight tumors. The country’s biotechnological products is the third income source for the country, after professional services abroad and tourism.


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One Response to Cuban to release new drug against cancer

  1. fermiin says:

    hello, i need more information about this homeopathic drug.. if some one could help me to find this because this will be the last option for my brother to survive after a transplan that will be in process in 2 months and a half.. i will be so thank full to any boddy that will help us. thank you.

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