Chavez: New Cuba-Venezuela Relations Model Created

CARACAS – President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday that Venezuela and Cuba have created a new model of relations between the two countries and peoples, referring to the 10th anniversary of the Integral Cooperation Agreement.

“On November 8, we celebrated very highly in Havana that important October 30, 2000, in which Commander Fidel Castro and I signed the agreement,” said the Venezuelan president in his Sunday space Las Lineas de Chavez (Chavez”s lines) called íSoldado Bolivariano! (Bolivarian Soldier).

“It is easy to say, but you have to see the several obstacles to overcome for making reality the total of benefits our peoples are currently having: benefits that today more than ever deserve the strengthening of the Agreement for moving another 10 years towards the consolidation of our Revolutions,” noted Chavez.

According to the head of State, Cuba and Venezuela have each one their own characteristics, views, and different goals, but with an important powerful root from which the two republics receive the nutrient vitality.

“I am referring to Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti, the same feeling, Our American and Humanity-Homeland feeling: that is the legacy from which Commander Fidel Castro is a living incarnation.”

That agreement was the base of ALBA. Cuba and Venezuela have drawn up a joint course which goes beyond integration, in order to fully retake the historical flag that was left by our Liberators: unity, added Chavez.

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