More than 10,000 facilities across Cuba employ photovoltaic solar panels

Juventud Rebelde: More than 10,000 facilities across Cuba employ photovoltaic solar panels, including schools, family doctor offices, daycare centers and hospitals.President of the Cuba Solar Organization Luis Bérriz made the announcement at the 25th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Solar Energy Research Center (CIES).

Bérriz said that the CIES was the first institution in Latin America and the Caribbean to power buildings with solar energy.

CIES director Rubén Ramos told ACN that the center’s research shows that the available renewable energy potential in Cuba is several hundred times greater than the country’s energy needs.

Ramos spoke about some of the center’s achievements, like the implementation of solar driers and other dehydration technologies for wood, medicinal plants and other products, and the use of “hothouses” (temperature-controlled buildings used to grow seeds and vegetables).

Breéis also spoke about new innovations such as the development of an accelerated production technology to grow micro-algae for human and animal consumption, and the use of micro-algae cultivation systems to treat hog and poultry residuals.

The CIES is also very active in fostering community knowledge related to the environment and energy use. – Luxury travel services in Cuba